Feb 17th I was down at my parents in Southend and after having a shocking cold that week I took the opportunity to run in the Southend Parkrun. If you haven’t run at a Parkrun event you MUST it is total quality.

Check out my video on how to Parkrun for some tips. It was the perfect day with some unseasonably beautiful weather. The seafront was just looking stunning in the morning sunshine.

The Parkrun was well attended with over 300 runners. As with all Parkruns it was well organised and the volunteers were awesome! I didn’t set a blistering time it was all about blowing out my cold….I was more interested to see if my brother could finish his first 5k!! Super proud of him when he finished and he had the biggest blister to prove had run the whole 5k! I would totally recommend every runner out there who hasn’t been along to a Parkrun to get signed up and take part….they are simply awesome!

#parkrun #parkrunuk #parkunsouthend #fordyruns #5km

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