New Fordy Runs Website is LIVE!

Another milestone as I finally launch the updated version of!

It took a while but I finally got there. I wanted to link all my postings in one place but also point other runners to where they can get intouch with me if they like and also see what I am upto.

This Blog is also now live which is great as it is something I have been meaning to publish ever since we launched Fordy Runs but the YouTube Channel has taken alot of time and effort.

The YouTube Channel will be the next thing getting a makeover but this Marathon training is getting in the way of that!

I still aim to launch the Fordy Runs Running Club but that will hopefully be in H2 this year so watch out for details.

I hope you enjoy the new site and if you have any suggestions please contact me either via the contact me page or through one of my social media listings.

Thanks for your support!


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