March Madness!

Hey everyone! After the chaos of the Beast from the East I was hoping for a ‘normal’ month especially with London Marathon training getting serious! Problem was I picked up an injury/niggle from the Big Half. I had some serious Achilles/Calf pain post run but luckily I had a physio appointment already booked for the Monday after the Big Half just as a checkup/tune up for the Knee injury I have been nursing since October. I gotta say on here I think my physio is a witch! Don’t worry I did tell her this face to face and I mean it with love but the next day after all the anxiety of thinking my Marathon was over I woke up (be it abit stiff) but the pain had almost disappeared! She must have like special healing powers or something because I could hardly walk and then by Wednesday I was back out pounding the pavement for a nice gentle easy run with no real probs….amazing!! So anyone out there who is suffering get yourself along to your nearest witch or wizard (physio) and get them to straighten you out! So that was the beginning of March and apart from the injury it was nice to finally get back into ‘race’ mode as prep for the London Marathon. There is a real buzz about doing a big event. They can be quite intimating if you have never done one and also the worries about the toilet queues and pen scrum can cause anxiety so it is always good to get stuck back in. As I said the London Marathon training gets serious in March so I have been cranking up the long runs to 20 miles. Any training is not easy and that’s why its training but with all the injury scares and managing my knee injury from October I am seriously considering downgrading my time expectations for the VMLM. At the current state of play I am 90% set on changing tactics and will just ‘enjoy’ the day and get to the finish hopefully with my some feeling in my knee! Let’s see what happens the next couple of weeks, with a decent taper I might manage the sub 4 but I am starting to think otherwise…. So apart from the Big Half I also ran in the Lee Valley Half Run Fest, which was a local event. You can see the review/BLOG from that on my thread but it was a good training run. I also took part in my local Parkrun on the Saturday as I played golf on the Friday instead of the usual Saturday so I took advantage and VLOG’d my Parkrun. I am still humbled by the volunteers and it is defo something I must do this year!

Make sure you check out the Buxton Water advertising at the London Marathon as my tweeting skills will be in view of all! It is finally feeling like Spring! Easter weekend is early this year so after my last big long run I will start my taper. If you are not sure about tapering check out my Taper Video on my YouTube Channel. April will be all about getting organised for the 22nd but time is going so fast before I know it I will be on the start line! So that’s March done. Catch you all in April! Fordy 

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