Hey everyone! I took part in this years RUN FEST Lee Valley Half Marathon (RFLVHM!) in the last weekend of March. I chose this event for two reasons, firstly my daughter had a show which I wasn't going to miss for the world so I needed to be close and secondly it was a 'local' event so I wanted to try and support a race close to me. The main reason I decided to race this event was as a last minute prep for a race simulation ahead of my tapering for the London Marathon. I played golf on Friday then run a semi fast Parkrun on Saturday to try and wear out my legs abit so I could run the event tired to simulate the last half of the Marathon. We arrived at 0830 and got parked in a massive field just on the other side of the white water rafting centre. The parking was well organised and despite a few cars getting stuck in the damp field it was extremely well marshalled and controlled. It was a short walk to go get registered at the rafting centre. I grabbed my number and popped back to the car and waited for nearer the start time. At 0930 I made the walk over and got in the toilet queue. Like a every event there simply wasn't enough toilets, one day you thought the organisors would learn! The start was a bit of a nightmare because it wasn't clear where the starts for the 10k and where the starts for the Half were and I ended up starting the 10k race which was extremely funny! but seriously why no race briefing or load speaker announcements? Next year hopefully that is better organised. There was a delay in the 10k start (nothing to do with me) so the Half was delayed by 15 mins which is no drama. We finally set off out into the park. The course is part trail and part paths and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The views were cracking and there was plenty to see, makes a change from running past house after house after house! It was a looped circuit but it didn't feel like we were going round in circles. The course was well marshalled and there were a few people cheering us one which was nice. The finish took us back into the rafting centre and the finish line was nice and loud with crowds showing their support. I got my medal grabbed a banana and left asap so I didn't miss my daughters show! The exit was quick and straightforward no massive tailbacks like at some events. Overall I liked the event I would recommend it if you are looking for a quiet Half as build up to your London Marathon or after a nice scenic 10k. Hopefully next year the start is better organised and they have more loo's (doubt it). If I am not running the London Landmarks next year I would consider running this again. Check out my VLOG on my YouTube Channel.



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