Getting Ready for the London Marathon!

The London Marathon is fast approaching and it is time to get myself organised! Now if you guys have never run a big event you must make sure you get all your stuff sorted well before the actual race day. With a big event like London I really took the time this year to get myself straight nice and early. I wanted to share with you what I will be taking in my Race Bag to the start area (which will then get chucked on a truck!) and also for anyone who is staying over in London like I am what I am travelling with.

Packing a race bag is a dark art, you need everything possible but you gotta travel light! I have done a VIDEO with some amazing tips from people who have run marathons on what to bring so with that in mind here is what I am taking with me to the start: RACE BAG

  • Gels - 5 (one spare)

  • Protein Shake - Powder in and ready to be made up

  • Bottle of water x 2 - One to make up Protein Shake other to SIP on the way

  • Running belt - Carry my gels, lucozade and phone

  • Event clips - Spare just incase any fall off


  • Coke - Full fat the paramedics call it the RED AMBULANCE!

  • Hat - Racecheck Visor to keep sun out of my eyes

  • Sunglasses - Cheap ones I can throw away

  • Old clothes - For the start line to stay warm

  • Radio & Headphones - This will get chucked but its just to keep me chilled with some music

  • Iphone headphones - Will have moments when music is essential

  • KT Tape - NIPPLES!!!

  • Portable charger and lead - Give my phone extra boost just before I start

  • Baby wipes - For after (I am gonna stink!)

  • Black sack x 2 - One to lay on one to put over me if weather forecast is wrong!

  • Flip flops - For afterwards

  • Nurofen - Just incase

  • Immodium - Will take 1 hour before

  • Change of clothes - Will put in fresh t-shirt

  • Tissues - Allergies!!

  • Jelly beans - Cheeky boost if needed

  • Sunscreen - I hope its not this hot!

  • Carry bags x2 - For my shoes if its rained night before

  • Toilet roll - Nature calls!


  • GoPro charger - YOUTUBE!!

  • Camera Equipment - YOUTUBE!!

  • Registration form - Not sure why but you never know

  • Trainers - errrrm well.....

  • Vaseline- For every knook and cranny!

  • Watch & Charger - Need to know my pace

  • Shorts - Well yeah

  • Compression shorts - Keep everything in place!

  • Socks - Don't fancy running barefooted

  • Compression socks - Skins

  • Vest - Something to attach my number too

  • Porridge- For my morning meal

  • Lucozade - Fill my bottles up

  • Compression top- Just incase its cold

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste - Well yeah!

  • E45 - Soften my skin up as its gonna be leaking sweat!

  • Hair product - Gotta look good for the cameras

  • Phone charger - It's the first thing in the bag!

  • Allergy tablets - It’s April!

So that is what I am taking. I will collect my number from Expo next week (18th) will get that attached as soon as I get home. I am checked into a hotel in London Bridge so I will travel up on Saturday! Expect a new BLOG next week with my thoughts and plans ahead of the big day! Catch you later Fordy

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