Marathon Week is Here!

Hey what’s up everyone! So this is it…The London Marathon is here! This is my final week and then Sunday 22nd April its go time! I thought it would be cool to post ahead of the big event on what’s going on, my plans etc etc. Firstly a big shout out to the Manchester Marathon and Brighton Marathon finishers! Especially the guys from the Fordy Runs Running Group on Facebook which we just launched WELL DONE GUYS 👏I am in awe and very proud👍🏼 Sunday (15th April 2018) was probably my last run – I did a cheeky 10k at Victoria Park which was great and the legs felt super. I was going to run on Tuesday as the weather will be perfect for a steady run along the river but I can feel little tingles in my troublesome left knee so I MAY just rest. It will make almost zero difference any miles I put in this week.

For me this week will be all about getting organised, getting some sleep and staying away from anyone with germs! The weather prediction is looking slightly troublesome with the forecast set to be hot. After dealing with a terrible winter of weather, London Marathon runners are going to be up against a heatwave. It is what it is so I will just make sure I drink plenty and stay hydrated.

London is getting prepared for all us 40k runners! It really gets the butterfly’s going every time I walk down to Pall Mall and see the preparation. There is no shying away its MARATHON WEEK!

My plans for this week are Expo on Wednesday as I want to get there before it is super busy (VLOG will be going on Fordy Runs YouTube Channel) and then Thursday is my birthday(!) so I will take a day off and just chill. Friday will be a cheeky pre marathon haircut and then Saturday just resting. So you can see that this week will just be all about chilling. On Saturday after the last supper (!!!) I will travel up to London Bridge with my trackside manager (my brother 😂) where we are staying over. There is a 99% certainty I won’t get much sleep Saturday night so Sunday will be an early get up with some porridge and coffee. I plan on getting the 8 something train to get to Greenwich at 0830 ish. I can’t wait to meet up with some fellow Running YouTubers who are running, and meet anyone else from the Facebook groups or from Instagram or Twitter in the Red Zone. I am sure I will end up communicating to most people whilst standing in the toilet queue😂 My bags are pretty much packed and the family is mobilised – they all know where they are meant to be on the course! It is so important to get family and friends positioned around the course to help and I think some forget how important this is and how much it can help you on race day. My race day strategy is a pretty simple one. I will start slow and break the race down into 4 sections each of 10k. I will run each 10k separately managing my pace accordingly. My original plan was to run a sub 4 hour marathon and that was defiantly do-able but with my left knee (thanks Broxbourne Council) still giving me probs I have scaled back my expectations and will be looking to finish with a smile on my face. I will for sure re-asses how I feel at mile 20 but it maybe too late by then to get sub 4 but if the weather is gonna be hot it will be just a matter of finishing probably. I think Manchester 2019 will be my sub 4 focus after this one. I am starting to get a touch nervous and there is no shame in that and it is totally natural for doubts to creep in but I believe in my training and will focus on that this week. I got a solid 22 miles done in training so it’s just a matter of reminding myself all week! I have plenty of events already lined up for the rest of the year so once this big old boy is nailed I will start focussing on my goals for the rest of the year. Thanks for the support. Don’t forget to check out Fordy Runs YouTube Channel and if you would like to join the Fordy Runs Running Group on Facebook get over to and follow the link. See you on the other side👍🏼😂🏃‍♂️ Fordy

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