Why I love Martin Yelling!

On Wednesday this week I got myself down to Expo to go and see my man crush Martin Yelling and pick up my race number (defo less of a priority compared to seeing Martin)

If any of you have no idea who Martin Yelling is he works with Virgin Money London Marathon in the build up to the Marathon offering us Runners help and advice with his Facebook live sessions, he takes part at the Meet The Experts event, features heavily for the London Marathon offering tips and hints, he has his Podcast he does and appears pretty much everywhere as everyone gets stuck into their marathon training. Before marathon training began I must admit I didn’t really know who Martin Yelling was but once I got stuck in it became apparent to me that this man at the end of a laptop camera is a GOD amongst Runners! The amount of love for Martin Yelling is off the charts! If you asked most new London Marathon Runners who they would want to meet it would be Martin! From the Beginning of the year he has hosted a live Facebook session where he spends around 30 minutes reassuring very nervous Runners mainly about injuries and answers the most random questions but the marathon children of Martin Yelling just lap it up - it is more like a therapy session than anything else! If Martin told us we’d run a better marathon if we wore pink leotards you’d probably see a few thousand runners on race day in pink leotards! This is my first marathon and I train 100% on my own. Running for me is a way of dealing with extreme stress and I feel it helps me channel that anger and rage which builds up with stress into a positive outlet. Running has helped me chill out and with every new challenge I complete I feel I become a better person. The problem training on your own is you don’t have anyone to talk to when you have the injuries, doubts, questions and general maranoia that all marathon Runners get and that’s why seeing Martin's beautiful face live every few weeks instantly calms down any anxiety and made me feel sooooo much better and confident! There are loads of Runners in the same boat as me who take on this massive challenge of running our first marathon and having Martin Yelling is like a gift from above! Unless you are in this situation it’s hard to truly explain how much this man helps us marathon newbies and that is why I wanted to write my final BLOG before Sunday’s London Marathon and pay homepage to a man who won’t get much of a mention as us first timers cross the line but without him some of us would not be crossing that finish on Sunday! Martin Yelling you are a superstar and you have changed a lot of people’s lives by getting them to complete the 26.2 miles and if I get on TV this weekend (I will be trying my best) I will most defiantly be giving you a shout out as you are the unsung hero for us Virgin(!) Virgin Money London Marathon Runners! I love Martin Yelling! Thank you! Fordy 

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