The hottest London Marathon ever!

Wow that was BRUTAL! So that’s the London Marathon 2018 done n dusted!

The most important thing is I finished in once piece! It was horrific seeing so many fellow runners falling to the sides as the heat got the better of them. The finish line sadly was like a scene from a disaster movie instead of the joy and celebration you would expect after completing the world’s greatest marathon. The day started so well with a ledge stay at the Hilton by London Bridge. My brother and I (check out his VLOG coming soon on the YouTube Channel which shows what it’s like being a spectator for the day) had an easy ride down to Greenwich. I hung out in the RedZone with no stress, the toilet queues were fine and the bag drop was super easy. The new ‘Wave’ start worked well and we got across the line nice and easy. The first 20k was fine, yes it was hot and slow because of the sheer volume of people but for 20k it was ok. I really expected at mile 13 for it to stretch out abit and I would be able to settle into my pace. I was struggling to get a rhythm because of the crowds and the fact at Tower Bridge there were already a lot of walkers meant it was really hard to find a comfortable level to maintain. I went through Narrow Street past Limehouse and the stretch out on the Isle of Dogs is really where the wheels starting to come off. They had ran out of water so for about 3 miles I was getting by with half a cup of hot Lucozade. That stretch also seemed to have no shade, be very narrow and was like someone had turned the heating up! Maybe it was the heat playing with my mind but I was really struggling when I got to Canary Wharf with the heat. Luckily for me I bumped into my mate Rich aka @Baze187 (check out his YouTube Channel ) and he is a proper runner but he was walking! So I slowed down and had a chat with him and really made me think that it was all just about finishing today so I started walking for 1k running for 4k just to bring it home!

I had a nice walk with a lady called Jane who was super lovely and like me just wanted to finish. After chatting with her for a bit I started running again and then jeff’d it (walk and run) till the tunnel at Embankment. After that I picked up the pace and ran to the finish and that walk/run strategy around mile 20-23 made my legs feel surprisingly fresh for the last 3 miles. The final push down Pall Mall was awesome and yes I did well up when I crossed the line. It took nearly 40 mins to be reunited with my brother but we met up and came home with no dramas. Everyone I have spoken to said they were about 40-50 mins worse than their expected time, so it wasn’t a complete disaster for me. I defiantly didn’t leave London feeling triumphant, it was just relief that I made it! I am pleased that I managed to run for nearly 5 hours and I hope my next Marathon I can do a better job. A massive thanks to the crowds, especially all the ‘Go on Fordy’ shouters, the kids who gave me a high five, the guy holding up the sign which said ‘I have trained all year to hold this up’ and the vicar who showered me with what I hope was holy water! Thanks to all the Marshalls and all the emergency service people who attended the fallen. Thanks to my family and friends for the support! So onto the next challenge ( check this out ) which will be a summer of PB breaking before moving onto the Manchester Marathon preparation at the end of the year. I still hope to sneak a Great North Run spot as many of the Fordy Runs Facebook Group are taking that on so I would love to get a spot. London I hope to be back and next time please fight fair! 

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