The Summer of Speed!

Hey guys! I don't know about anyone else but I proper had the Marathon blues since London, mainly as I came down with a nasty bout of sinusitis! It is no surprise and I expected to come down with something. I researched it before the Marathon in a bid to prepare myself (which obv didn't help me!) What I found out is that the body uses up its natural energy supply of glucose, triggering the release of the stress molecule cortisol after about 1.5-2hrs I read. The higher levels of cortisol can weaken the immune system and make the body more susceptible to infection - most commonly upper respiratory tract infections aka the Sinuses!! So that's most of the reason I spent last week feeling sorry for myself! I am just glad I got my 3.7 miles done for Matt Campbell. The best way to get over a Marathon is to book another so I entered the London Marathon ballot again! I have never got a ballot space and I am not expecting to get one either but you never know. I have heard rumours that putting stupid times down can increase your chances ie 3hr finish time or a 6hr finish time....I am not sure this works but if its your 8th attempt what have you actually got to lose! With Manchester already booked there would be some difficult decisions in October if the unbelievable happened and I got a ballot spot for London but I will worry about that when/if it happens.....

The other good way of getting over a Marathon is to book a decent half and I finally confirmed my place for the Great North Run! I love this race it is defiantly the best half and is so well supported I would recommend every runner who likes to run in events/races to get to Newcastle and give it a go. What is also great is that a bunch of guys from the Fordy Runs Facebook Family are doing it so we are gonna have a blast! I am a bit gutted that I am missing the inaugural Gatwick Half as that looks like it's going to be awesome but it's Daisy's birthday weekend and that's more important. So what's next? Well I have started my new 10k & Half Marathon Challenge! I have two PB's which I want to try and break. Realistically the Oxford Half is my best chance at the Half time as I will be spending the summer working on it through various speed challenges in my training. I have two 10k's booked in July but I may need to get another one booked to stand a good chance of breaking the PB so I am thinking about adding an August or October 10k as well. Racing starts again at the end of May with the Hackney Half which I plan on just having some fun at with no time in mind. It will be more of a getting back in the swing of things event. If you are running this event make sure you come and say hi! The YouTube Channel continues to grow which is awesome and we have plenty of new stuff coming including more collaborations from some cool people, reviews, tips and hints and the event VLOG's. 

I am super excited about the Facebook Group which is already more like a family, it’s nice and small so that everyone gets to know each other and that’s the plan. I hope we can create a nice community where everyone running an event will at least know one person at that race. I have run events where I don’t know anyone, just turned up on my own and it’s not great so hopefully with our little running family there will always be someone you know at most of events! The other aim is to provide some support for each other during our training. Some of the Running Groups on Facebook are so large that they don't have the personal element anymore and this is the key to our little running community! I want everyone in there routing for each other and supporting each other and having some FUN! I am still not over my time at London but I am now so focussed on the new challenge that hopefully by my next BLOG I won't even mention it! Good luck everyone and remember if you see Fordy Runs at one of your events make sure you come and say hi and smile at the GoPro!! Fordy

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