Hey everyone how we doing? It was a fantastic weekend in the sun! Sunday was awesome as I ran in the Hackney Half Marathon for the first time. The event has grown considerably and this year there were over 20,000 runners! I do hope that next year the organisors can move the start to make it a little later to allow us runners a some more time to get to Hackney. It is a bit of a nightmare getting to Stratford on a Sunday and with a 9am start it meant alot of us were having to seek unusual travel plans to make it to the start on time. With Sunday restrictions on the trains and the 20 minute walk from Stratford I would love to see the race start at 10am next year. Also while they are at it they really need to add some more toilets. There are always queues but there simply wasn't enough this year which was dissapointing. The route was great although it was not flat as the organisors had described. The crowds were quiet in some areas which I don't get, why come out and just stand there? I love it that people come out to support the runners but if you have got up and out why not clap and cheer the runners? This was not the case the whole way round as there were pockets of supporters showing the love, maybe I picked up on them being so quiet because I was spoilt at the London Marathon and that is why I noticed it? Anyway thanks to the people that did come out and thanks very much the marshalls and volunteers! What was awesome about this race for me was being able to run with some of the Fordy Runs crew. I managed to miss the pre-event photo (oops) as I was stuck outside Stratford and that was extremely annoying but I finally met up with Helen and Matt and we ran together the whole way round (we left Matt about 1km from the end). I loved it and like I have said before I go to most of my events on my own so to meet up and run with someone is awesome and that is what Fordy Runs is all about!

The day before the Hackney Half I had a rare Saturday off and took myself along to a local Parkrun to volunteer. I have made a video which will go up on the channel in a few weeks and the main reason I have made that brief video is to try and encourage other runners to try and give a little back. A few years ago apprently you had to volunteer at three Parkrun events through the year if you were taking part, this has since changed. What I learnt on Saturday is that it is really simple to be a volunteer, it is not hard work, it is great fun, you meet some awesome people and it only took 1.5 hours of my time! I was given the job of putting the course direction signs up, having these signs means this Parkrun does not require marshalls to be out on the course directing people. I walked the course, stuck all my signs up, help setup one or two bits and then cheered on the runners, not exactly hard work! If you are a Parkrunner I would really like to see you try and volunteer if you havent already. You can check out your Parkrun volunteer page and look at the upcoming roster and see where you can help out. Check the Facebook pages of your Parkrun as they sometimes send out posts asking for volunteers. So please if you can even if it is once a year help out your local Parkrun and volunteer, you will love it! The next few weeks will be busy for me. I am still trying to run faster and I finally feel like London is behind me. I am on my PB quest and after the Southend Half I have two 10k's lined up where I hope I can smash my 10k PB. After the summer hols the focus will move back to the Half distance and especially the Great North Run! Fordy Runs continues to grow, so thanks to everyone who is supporting our community and if you haven't yet discovered us get over to our Facebook page or pop along to FordyRuns.com . There are loads more bits and pieces coming out on the YouTube Channel in the coming months so stay connected by subscribing . I will catch you guys in a bit! Fordy 

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