100 Days to Go!

As we kiss goodbye to Spring I am already starting to think about the end of the year, how messed up is that! With the Summer basically here and my focus on the shorter distances it really seems like I ran the London Marathon ages ago! It still amazes me when I am running home in the 20 plus heat how I managed to complete that Marathon in those conditions. The heat really takes it out of you, more than you know when running so on reflection I did well just to finish like everyone else. I am SO excited about a couple of things. Firstly about this weekend’s Southend Half Marathon. I think I said before that on Saturday night I am at the Download Festival – which is not ideal preparation! I am the first to admit that I am not a ‘festival’ kind of guy, I much prefer a quiet night in with my girls but you have to do everything once so to tick a festival off the list and also tick off the list seeing Guns n Roses is defo killing two birds. Anyway getting back to the Southend Half, we have quite a few guys from the Fordy Runs Facebook Group running this one (over 10) so I am super excited about meeting them and running with them. I am not aiming for anytime what so ever it will all be about running with the guys and having some fun. After Southend I am really going to concentrate on the 10k as July draws closer. I have three 10k’s back to back. The first one is a local race in Ware, then I have a sunset 10k at the Olympic Park midweek then that Sunday I have the British 10k! Hopefully in one of those races I will beat my PB which is another thing that I am excited about! Hopefully you have been watching some of my recent VLOG’s and you would have seen I am slowly getting faster again. I am still not back to pre-marathon training speed but it is slowly coming back. I have mainly achieved that just simply running faster! It seems such a stupid thing to say but by pushing my runs harder I have defiantly got quicker the last month or so. Wow and that will be July done! After those 10k’s I will pretty much shut it down while I go on holiday for 2 weeks, I will still be running and the weekly VLOG will be coming out I just mean I will give my legs a well-deserved rest. Once back from hols it will be about smashing the half PB. Like I said earlier I am already looking towards the end of the year especially as I got reminded that its less than 100 days till the Great North Run. I have a wicked video coming out on the channel about the GNR which is a collaboration with my mate Michael from A Runners Ramble. If you haven’t checked out his YouTube Channel please get over there and subscribe and also follow him on Twitter as he has some cool stuff coming out shortly and that’s the best way to stay upto date on his running content. This video will really help anyone running this year’s GNR so stay tuned for that one. Thanks to everyone who has recently subscribed to the Fordy Runs YouTube channel. Don’t forget to get over to Facebook and join our community, check out Fordyruns.com and also get over to Etsy and check out our new store. See you soon Fordy 

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