Wow so summer is totally here! Blimey it’s hot! This summer looks set to be totally awesome! Although the heat is a killer for all us runners I do love running this time of year. My favourite run of the week is most defiantly my early long run on a Sunday when I am up with the birds and just before it really starts warming up. There is nothing more amazing than running along the River Lea just as the sun is coming up. I am so lucky where I live that I have these amazing paths along the river where I can run uninterrupted for miles. If like me one of the reasons you run is to get away from the stresses of life and work an early morning Sunday long run in the summer is just one of the best therapies for everything! Next week I have signed up for the I Move London Relay. The I Move London Relay is a 4000 mile run completed in 10K and 5K loops, in central London, repeated for 30 days and 30 nights in July. A new Guinness World Record. Groups of 2-50 participants will run each leg. It is all aimed at helping raise funds to help change young lives through sport and create stronger, safer communities. I am running on July 2nd so if you want to run with me sign up or why not sponsor me Talking of signing up for things on July 2nd the ballot for the London Landmarks Half Marathon opens. This was a super event last year and extremely popular and it seems the best way the organisers feel they can allocate places is by doing a ballot. Personally I am not a fan of ballots but that is mainly because I have never won one! It means that apart from the Big Half (which I am running again) all the major London events are now sorted out by ballots. What seems to frustrate most runners is the way these ballots are done. If I were in charge I think I would not let anyone who took part in the event the year before who got a ballot spot re-apply for one year. I would not penalise anyone who took a bond spot to raise money for charity as that is a massive commitment and should be applauded but the guys who were lucky enough to get a ballot space should not be able to apply the following year via the ballot. This would hopefully create more chances for other people to have a go. You are never going to be able to please everyone and it must be a nightmare for the organisers to find a way to be fair but this is defo one thing I would implement if technically possible. After my Half Marathon PB I am pleased to announce another record was broken and that was my Parkrun PB. I will be doing a new video on this but when I started the year I really wanted to sort that one out. I am in love with Parkrun and I truly am gutted that I have not run more. As I am always training for something Saturday’s are just a nightmare for me to fit in a run. What I love though is the concept and knowing that people are out there running every Saturday. I love it when I do get along to a Parkrun and I see the kids crushing it, I applaud the parents for getting them out there! My Parkrun PB was really not a true reflection of my 5k times so I needed to put it right. I had a Saturday off and despite man flu I rocked upto the Gunpowder Parkrun in Waltham Abbey to give it a go. I was aiming just to shave a bit off my time which is what I ended up doing but on reflection I could have gone faster. My times when I run are always effected by two things 1. Me filming 2. Me mucking about/chatting…. I think if I actually didn’t do both of these I could actually post a decent time. I think next year one of the goals will be a sub 20 Parkrun. It will take some additional training but after Saturday’s run I really feel that is achievable. This week we have a follow up video in our Great North Run series and if you are not running the Great North Run but have an Autumn Half Marathon planned I would defo check out Fordy Runs YouTube Channel on Wednesday when the video drops! It is going to be a scorcher this week so be careful out there and be smart! See you soon Fordy 

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