Onto the Next Challenge!

Wow so that’s the end of another challenge! I can’t belive how quickly the Half Marathon and 10k Challenge flew by!! What a summer of Speed. So after becoming a lot slower from the London Marathon I set out to smash some pbs over the summer. 

First on the list was the Half which was kind of bothering me. My times are usually affected by 1. Me mucking about 2. Filming so I really needed to knuckle down in my training to be able to achieve my goals. As you hopefully saw in one my BLOGs I smashed the Half Pb down in Southend which was special as I am from there and ran it with the Fordy Runs Facebook Crew! Onto the 10k which was going to be hard as I really needed to concentrate on my tempo runs. I had the 10k challenge set which was three 10k’s back to back in July. The first in Ware was awesome as I was running it with my brother in law who is quick. At 7k I caught a glimpse of him and then just set about beating him which I did! The Ware Running Festival was such a great event put on by a local running club. It was amazingly organised with great attendance so big shout out to the Ware Joggers! 

So my 10k Pb went on Sunday but could I beat it on Wednesday? I don’t like running in the evening but I was meeting up with The Fordy Runs Crew again so it was on! I have not run a RunThrough UK sunset event before but it was also super well organised with great marshalling and also a fantastic track around the Olympic Park. It was warm but we started at a great pace which I maintained and smashed the Pb again!!! 

The final leg was at the British 10k in London. The British 10k is probably one the best 10k’s out there now with over 10k runners and amazing support it really is a cool event. More of the Fordy Runs Crew were there and one of them Austin from This Dad Can Run was looking for a time so after smashing my pbs in the week and with it being 29 degrees I wanted to run with Austin who smashed it! He beat me down the stretch which was awesome! So 10k Pb done! In the middle of this challenge I also went and smashed my Parkrun PB for good measure! So what’s next? Well it’s exciting we have the Great Run Challenge which involves beating my Great North Run Pb and then beating what ever time I do at the Great East Run which is the week after! So it’s back to long distance training this week which I am looking forward too! I love a good Half Marathon! Lastly big shout out to the Fordy Runs Facebook Running Community which continues to grow - you all rock and I just love that everyone is meeting at events and supporting each other it’s amazing! 

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