Great North Run Training

5 Weeks to go! Wow time is flying! I can’t believe that the Great North Run is basically a month away!! My training so far hasn’t been great mainly as I have been on holiday 😂I haven’t been hitting the distances I really need to have an easy Great North Run so it’s looking like I will have to slug it out! Ideally you want a steady build up to an event like the Great North Run with plenty of gentle long runs mixed in with some decent tempo and hill work. I’ve really been stuck on the shorter distances and working on pace still which is ok ish but when my holidays have finished I’m gonna have to ramp up the long runs big time!! I really need three runs at half marathon distance between now and GNR. I am not going to taper I just will keep ploughing through as after these two events I will really be starting to think and look at my marathon plans. Marathon training is a huge chunk of time and it is really important to take some time and plan a really good training schedule. You want to have everything in place before you get started including a solid distance foundation already in the legs. I will look at this years plan and adjust it a bit as I already have some half’s booked for March. I also want to focus a bit more on Speed work in this years plan. It is not just the training plan that needs to be in place I have to start thinking about my life outside of running and how that will fit into this commitment. The last thing I’ll review is my nutrition to make sure I learn from this year. So back to the Great Run Challenge and I can’t wait to get to Newcastle and then travel to Ipswich the following week. It’s a big ask on the body and hopefully my lack of proper training won’t show up too much! I had a great break with the family in Majorca again this year and got a few runs in despite it being 41 degrees! The hard work defiantly starts now!

Lastly if you haven’t checked out the new Fordy Runs Store get over there as we have our new Marathon training tops for London, Brighton and Manchester!

Catch you later Fordy 

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