Last Sunday I witnessed something quite special. The UK and in particular the South East was hit by two back to back storms bringing high winds and torrential rain. Unfortunately for the organisers of Give Your Town The Runaround which is a local event in Hertfordshire aimed at getting the Community out and running their race had landed on one of the most miserable weather weekends for a long time!

Give Your Town The Runaround has been going for around six years now and continues to grow. This year they were expecting 1000 runners (last year c.800) but the weather killed that dream. The run is divided into a 2k aimed at getting the kids running, a 5k and then a fabulous 8k road/trail route. The whole event takes place in the centre of town with local businesses attending, dignitaries and loads of local support.

When I woke up and saw that for the first time ever the weather apps were correct my heart sunk. So much planning had gone into the event and I immediately thought of the kids getting soaked and the poor marshall's having to stand there freezing to death in the wet and wind.

As it was my local event there was no way I was not running, so I added an extra layer and drove into town. To my amazement the town was packed! I honestly thought it would just be me and a few other crazy runners but the place buzzing! The Community had turned out to support this local event!

It was amazing to see some of the kids going for it and then the mums and dads who had signed up for it getting wet but still with a smile on their faces as they crossed the finishing line! The buzz when I ran back into town to finish was amazing and was a true testament to my local community and the organisers of this great local event!

Running is amazing at getting people out and together and creating that community. On Sunday in the wet and wild conditions I once again witnessed the positive power that running can have on people!

The Fordy Runs Facebook Running Community continues to grow and we have a busy October coming up with several meet ups happening all over the country! First up we have a lot of the guys at the Birmingham Half. The week after I am at the Oxford Half trying to help some of the crew break a sub 2 half marathon, but while that is happening we have a big meet up at the Southend 10k! The following week we are taking over the Royal Parks Half Marathon with our first ever official cheer station! There are other events which the Fordy Runs crew are attending these weeks so we are slowly but surely getting represented at all major runs! You can spot a Fordy Runner by the pink sweatband!

I have got a super busy month coming up so I better get planning! Hopefully I will see some of you at one of the events I am at and if you see a Fordy Runner make sure you say hi!

Catch you later!


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