Marathon Prep and Building that Base!

OMG it is nearly November! Where has this year gone? November means two things to me, firstly marathon training is about to start and secondly I wish it was summer again! With the dark mornings and evenings running always takes a different form. Out comes all the layers and hi-vis clothing as I get ready to be hitting the pavement in preparation for next year’s Manchester marathon! Manchester is a few weeks earlier than London so training will start properly on 17th December but until then I have got some foundations to build! Before starting a big plan it is always a great idea to cement a decent base to which you can build a successful training block on. Get your consistency early with a set number of runs a week so your body can get ready for what you are going to through at it! Also get yourself down the gym and book up those yoga classes as you will need to build your strength now to help you be in the best possible shape for this block of training. Think about your diet and again start preparing now for any possible changes. Try different gels and alternatives now so you have your fueling sorted. Finally check your shoes and maybe consider a new pair to break in now so they are ready come marathon training! At the moment I have only two events planned till the end of the year which are both Christmas themed. There will also be another Fordy Runs Virtual Challenge to do in December so I should get my hands on three medals. I will probably not race in November to give my niggling hamstring a chance to calm down and will reduce mileage the next week or so to help it recover. I am super excited at the growth of Fordy Runs as the YouTube Channel and Facebook Running Community both speed towards 1000 members and subscribers! If you haven’t signed up to either check them out! There is going to be some awesome content on Fordy Runs as Marathon training gets underway so stay tuned! I will catch up with you guys in December! Fordy 

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