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I am so excited to announce that I will be running the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon! For 2019 I have teamed up with my dear friend Matt Deller to raise awareness and sponsorship for Paget’s Association who support people with this bone disorder. Paget’s disease is a metabolic bone disorder in which the normal repair and renewal process within bone is disrupted. Paget’s Association is a small Charity so Matt and I hope we can raise awareness along with a decent amount of sponsorship for them. If you would like to support us by donating please click HERE The London Marathon is a special event and I was genuinely gutted when I did not get a ballot spot again. The whole process as I mentioned in one of my previous Blog’s is more a lottery than a ballot so to be offered this chance to run London again is just so awesome! I have some unfinished business with the London Marathon after this year’s event which was the hottest race ever. I trained hard through the winter and to turn up on race day and it be so hot felt a bit unfair so to be given this chance of redemption is truly epic! What has me super bumped about 2019 London though is running it with so many of the guys from the Fordy Runs Running Community . At the moment we have nearly 100 of us running and combine that with all the support we will get as we run around London this is going to be the best event ever! In preparation for London I will once again be running The Big Half. 2018 was the events first year and not only was it well attended it was well supported. Hopefully next year’s event won’t be so cold but either way I am looking forward to it. What makes The Big Half the perfect event for anyone running London is that the route is part of the marathon course – ok it is run backwards – but it does give you a flavour of what you can expect. The event also falls nicely into a 16 or 17 week training plan and can give anyone on their plan some race prep/readiness. It is always good to go and run one or two events in your Marathon training plan just to get you a bit race sharp. I am in the process of building a nice foundation before training starts properly and it is nice not being in a plan for now. I really love running this time of year with the change in seasons and the beautiful colours along the river where I run. My mind is already focussed on Jan 1st for when training starts but I will try and enjoy the next 8 or 9 weeks before the hard work really starts! Oh one last thing don’t forget to vote for Fordy Runs in the 2019 Running Awards for Blog (personal) Please click HERE Catch you later Fordy 

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