OMG it is nearly Christmas! Seriously before you know it you will be thinking why did I eat all that Turkey, I have got to run 20k in the morning! I am already thinking what the family can get me (especially with Black Friday) so I thought I would put together an awesome ideas list for you that you can share with your loved ones or if you know a runner and are stuck for ideas check out my list!


Yeah I know this is the season of cheer and I am suggesting a dreadmill! You know what the weather is like so if you are winter training for a Spring Marathon or are in general struggling to fit your runs in why not get a treadmill and smash out some miles while you watch Fordy Runs on your TV? The PRO-FORM 305 CST is an awesome treadmill that does exactly what you need! Check it out CLICK HERE RUNNING GPS WATCH

I recently reviewed some alternatives to the superb Garmin 235 and the Garmin 735XT came out on top because it is amazing! This watch literally does everything you could possibly need in a running watch (and some stuff you really probably don’t need!) but if you are looking for a really smart GPS Running Watch this is the one for you! Click HERE for latest offers on Garmin 735XT NEW RUNNING SHOES

There are so many awesome running shoes out there right now but the one pair on my Christmas list are from Nike this year. The Nike Pegasus Turbo which has had such amazing reviews and with Spring Marathons and Half Marathons not too far away a pair of these are on my list! I really like the new range from New Balance and I have seen good reviews but I am yet to try them but maybe worth checking out as well! Click HERE for latest offers on Nike Pegasus Turbo's and New Balance Running Shoes WATERPROOF RUNNING JACKET

Unfortunately unless you pay a bit more money you do not seem to get decent waterproof protection on a jacket. I am not sure why that is but after reading some reviews and researching this I am going to be asking for the Mizuno Waterproof 20k jacket. Like I say it is not cheap but this year I would really like to stay dry! Check latest offers on Mizuno Waterproof 20k Mens & Mizuno Waterproof 20k Womens


An essential bit of kit! My absolute favourites are the AfterShokz bone conductor headphones. A lot of races still allow these to be worn because they do not sit in your ears and from my point of view I love the fact that when I am running I can still easily hear what is going on around me! If you are looking for a pair of headphones put these on your list! Check latest offers on AfterShokz


I know I have recommended the Garmin 735XT and Garmin 235 above but if you are in a different price point then you will not go wrong with the iWOWNfit P1 Smart Watch! It is such a simple yet awesome watch .... for the money I do not think there is a better watch out there in this price bracket! Check offers HERE


One bit of kit I really loved last year when winter training was my Running body warmer. It kept me warm but wasn’t bulky and heavy like a coat. I need to get myself a new one this year as my one from last year is looking a bit sorry for itself and the one I am going to be asking for is the TCA Gilet! It doesn’t cost too much and the reviews are wicked! For me I want something lightweight and warm and this gilet seems to tick all the boxes! Get awesome offers on TCA Mens Excel Runner Gilet & TCA Womens Excel Runner Gilet HERE RUNNING PACKPACK/VEST/HYDRATION PACK

If you have not seen my review then check it out! The best running backpack for the money is the Aonijie 5.5l Running Vest. It is lightweight, you can get your drinks for your run in there, it holds your gels and there are pockets to put your phone and other bits. I can’t recommend this running vest enough it is so awesome and much easier than having a hydration belt strapped to you! Buy it HERE FORDY RUNS HOODIE

Stay warm and look awesome! Our hoodies are so warm and if you are running events this winter keep warm ahead of your race with these awesome hoodies! Buy HERE


We have loads of training tops online now. If you are running London, Manchester or Brighton we have a top for you. If you are running a different event or just want an awesome training top check out our range! Buy HERE RUNNING HEADTORCH

I have just reviewed the Petzel Tikkina which I think is the best value for money headtorch out there! It is lightweight, has three decent settings of brightness and like I said doesn’t cost a fortune! Check latest offers HERE FOAM ROLLER

If you are marathon training you are going to need one of these! Get cheap but decent Foam Rollers HERE A GOOD BOOK

You have to check out the 80/20 Running book which gives you some ideas on how to change your training runs to maximise your efforts! BUY HERE GLOVES

Essential this winter and I really want a new pair! I love my Nike Running Gloves but they have a hole in them! I really want a pair of these Aegend Running Gloves that were recommended to me....Check em out HERE


You may think I am crazy but get some of this as a stocking filler! You will be surprised how handy this stuff is! Check out YouTube on how to apply….Buy HERE A NICE WARM HAT

Get yourself an awesome Fordy Runs beanie for this winter! Buy HERE SNOOD

Another way of staying warm this winter! These are so cool and with loads of designs there will defiantly be something for you! Buy HERE

So there we have it guys my Christmas Gift List! Hopefully there are some inspiring ideas on there that you can give to your loved ones to get you or if you have a runner in the house these are some amazing ideas for what to get them! Happu Shopping! #DoSomethingAwesome

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