2018 was a blast!

2018 has been an awesome year! I love to take the time to review my achievements and I would recommend it to you as well. We work so hard all year trying to achieve various goals so having some reflection is good for the soul! The year started with London Marathon training which kicked off on Jan 1st and went on for 17 weeks. On reflection my training could have gone better and I should have trained harder. I made some mistakes like not enough strength work for example, and I will make sure I do not make the same mistakes in 2019. In March I raced in two awesome events, The Big Half and the Run Fest Half Marathon. Both races were amazing and I really enjoyed both. They were completely different from one another as The Big Half is run on part of the London Marathon course (backwards) and the Run Fest is a part trail Half through the stunning Lee Valley Park. Both events were FREEZING but were a great day out. I will be attending both again in 2019. April was all about the London Marathon. I think everyone knows how hard I found the heat and it was a killer to be honest. My time was poor but I was just glad to finish it in one piece. I am really hoping to have a fair crack at it in 2019 and I just can not wait to start training! The highlight in May has to be the Hackney Half which was probably the first Fordy Runs Community meet up. It was so cool meeting the guys and then running with them. We had such a blast. Hackney was cool and I really enjoyed the track and I would defiantly recommend the event. After Hackney I concentrated on getting faster. I found after my marathon training that I had become slower so I set about smashing my Parkrun, 10k and Half PB. First up was my Half and I smashed my PB in Southend. I could have probably run faster if I had not been messing about and filming but at least I know I can try and beat it. Next up was my Parkrun Pb. With marathon training I find it hard to do Parkruns so I really wanted to bring down my Pb. I popped over to the Gunpowder Parkrun which is a great flat 2 lap course and smashed my Pb. I think I could go faster so next year I may try and go for this again! My 10k PB got broke twice. First up was the Ware 10s event which was a baking hot day but an awesome run with my brother in law. We crossed the line 0.1 sec of each other and it was just amazing having him there when I broke my Pb. I will defiantly be back for the 2019 Ware10’s. Next up for my 10k was an evening run around the Olympic Park where I met up with some of the guys from the Fordy Runs Community and I smashed my Pb again. Doing it here allowed me to have some fun at the British 10k in London and I was able to pace my friend and fellow Fordy Runner Austin to a Pb. After a Summer reset I turned my attention to the Great North Run and Great East Run. Back to back Half Marathons. I was so pumped for the Great North Run because we had so many Fordy Runners taking part. We had a great night out the evening before the run and then we all met up in the morning. If you have not seen the video I got injured at this years GNR at 14k when my hamstring went. That injury put me out of action for the following week and I had to pull out of the Great East Run. Focus then switched to two events in October where I was back on pacing duty for some of the guys from the Community. First up was the Oxford Half where I was pacing Billy for a Sub 2 Half and a Pb and then Louisa was looking for a 2:15 at Royal Parks. The Oxford Half went according to plan and Billy smashed his Pb. Royal Parks did not go exactly to plan, for one reason it was absolutely hammering it down but also Louisa got injured two thirds of the way round but she still managed to shave 8 minutes off her Pb! With my GNR injury still playing me up I pulled out of all events for November and just left two events on the calendar over Christmas with both being 10k Christmas fun runs. As soon as November/December comes around I am already thinking about marathon training. I am still carrying an injury so I will keep running up until Christmas and build a decent foundation ahead of marathon training but I will shut training down for two weeks over Christmas to give my hamstring some time heal. The biggest highlight of the year for me is the growth of the Fordy Runs Running Community. I have seen the group grow, meet ups take place and friendships made. It really is amazing to see so many runners supporting each other and having fun. I am really looking forward to 2019 to see the Community go from strength to strength. Thanks everyone who has supported Fordy Runs in 2018 and I hope to meet and run with as many of you as I can in 2019! Merry Christmas!

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