Fordy Runs Running Awards 2019

It has been another awesome year so to celebrate it I am launching the Fordy Runs Running Awards! These are the only truly independent Running awards as they are voted by me! I have asked my friends in the Fordy Runs Running Community to help with a couple of tough ones but apart from that these are my thoughts as an Everyday Runner, someone who is not particularly fast or skilled at Running but I just go out there and try to complete various races and events to keep me in shape and the weight off!

and the Winner is.....

Person you need to follow on Instagram


Austin is an inspiration and his pictures and stories are one of the reasons Instagram is awesome!

Person you need to follow on Twitter


Claire Maxted is awesome not only does she have a wicked YouTube Channel with great content but her Twitter feed is 100% one to follow

Best 5k Event

RunThrough UK do some amazing runs and I really loved their events this year and their Sunset 5k is a worth winner!

Best 10k Event

Tough one as I LOVED the Ware10s event this year but it has to go to I MOVE RELAY as it was a World Record! They ran continuously around London for a month holding the baton and it brought loads of Runners together which was amazing!

Best Half Marathon

Hard because so many good ones but I have to give it to Havens Hospice Southend Half Marathon! It's flat and it is fast but most importantly it feels like a massive PARKRUN! If you have any spare time in June sign up now!

Best Marathon

London end of

Best Running Brand

Skins....why? well I tested to see if compression stuff actually works and it really does and the gear I tested from Skins was epic so they get the award this year

Best Running Shoe Brand - Voted by Fordy Runs Running Community


Best Running Watch

Garmin 235

Best Running Headphones

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

Best Running Energy Gel

Huma Gels

Best Parkrun - Voted by Fordy Runs Running Community


Best Running YouTube Channel

Well I couldn't vote for my own! So it was a toss up between FOD Runner and Kofuzi. Both are awesome because their channels are both solely about Running, there was no deviation this year from Running. Andy is the fastest person I know and an all-round awesome person but I have to give it to Kofuzi just because I love watching his content (sorry Andy)

Best Podcast

A Runners Ramble - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

Person I most want to Run with next year

Hard one...I actually want a threesome if that's ok (well they are my awards)! Martin Yelling #mancrush and Danny Bent. Both two amazing people and real genuine idols of mine.

Fordy Runs Runner of the Year

Our main award and this goes to the person who has inspired me this year as a runner and it has to go to Colin Burgin-Plews! The man in the Big Pink Dress! I am lucky to be able to call him a friend, he really is a true inspiration not just to runners but to everyone through his charity work, well done mate!

That is it guys, congrats to all our winners and to all the losers .... just try harder!

Do Something Awesome!

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