What an AWESOME weekend!

I am exhausted! What a weekend! The National Running Show 2019 was just amazing! This year I had the honour of being an Ambassador. What that means is that we try and promote the event through our social channels and get people along to the event. There were a couple of awesome perks of being an Ambassador with the coolest one being able to open the show both days with the key speaker(s). The guys who organise the NRS do such an amazing job, it must be so hard to put all that together and then to see it running so well with so many people really enjoying the event … they must be very proud. There were several highlights to this year’s show but the one top of my list was meeting and chatting with so many people from the Fordy Runs Running Community and/or other runners that follow Fordy Runs. It was incredible the amount of people that stopped me as I was wandering around to say hi and to hear some stories of what they were upto and had planned was so cool. The Fordy Runners had a meetup on Saturday, I think there was about 30 of us with some not being able to make the meet up. It was so awesome seeing all the Fordy Runs tops walking around the show and having us there was just amazing. Another highlight was catching up with my mate Michael Briggs who has a really cool Podcast – A Runners Ramble – which he was recording a special one off show podcast. He has had some amazing guests on this show and this year’s line up is so amazing I would really recommend subscribing if you have not. I was busy not only chatting with all the Fordy Runners but connecting with some amazing brands and I am really excited about the future and the announcements we will soon be making. I am overwhelmed at the support Fordy Runs is now getting from awesome brands that want to work with us! The line-up for the 2020 show was announced at the end of this year’s show and it looks epic, so keep a lookout for one tickets are available for next year I can totally recommend it! The next few weeks are going to be manic as I work on three events that I am helping with and I will let you know about them once they go live. I also have a VERY exciting challenge now booked for the end of the year which I just can’t wait to announce! Marathon training is starting to settle down now, there will be some great events in the next few weeks including the Winter 10k, Olympic Park Half and the Big Half. I will also have to start increasing my miles and get stuck into that. Hopefully I will see some of you over the next month. See you soon Fordy #DoSomethingAwesome

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