Being organised will make your Marathon experience sooooo much easier! It is worth taking the time while you taper to put together your kit bag for what you are taking to your Marathon.

The guys at the London Marathon give you a HUGE clear plastic bag to stuff everything in! I found it is better to take more than what you need just incase something crops up!

One thing I like to do is actually find a rucksack that fits within the clear plastic bag. That way I can organise my packing better and I am not rummaging around in the clear bag to find what I need.

Buy everything I am taking to the start line HERE


Disposable hoodie or sweater

Get your old hoodie or sweater out that you can wear and leave at the start. Gotta be warm while hanging around so get yourself a disposable item of clothing. The cool thing is all the clothes get collected up and given to charity.


One of the most important items in your bag. You need to smoother this stuff everywhere! Vaseline is awesome but stains your clothes so use Bodyglide in areas you don’t want your clothes ruined.

Black Sack

Great to sit on if the grass is wet but can also keep you warm and dry if conditions are changeable.


Great for Sunny conditions but also remember its April and the pollen can be a nightmare!

Visor or hat

To keep the sun off your face or the rain out of your eyes!

Lip balm

A real winner – ideally one with some UPV protection in it


I prefer the spray cans as its easy to cover yourself and then chuck it in the rubbish bin.

Hydration for race

If you are carrying your hydration don’t forget it!

Gels or fuel for race

Pack whatever you plan on taking out on course


One of my essentials. I put my gels, phone, tissues and other things in this awesome piece of kit


Don’t forget to charge them if they are wireless

Phone charger

You will be hanging around for a bit and if you are like me you will be sitting on your phone, so get yourself one of those phone charger bank things with cable

Flip flops

The feeling of putting on flip flops after your marathon is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Spare safety pins

Just incase something happens

Recovery snacks and drinks

You will get stuff in your post race bag, but its worth sticking something in your bag but nothing that can melt!

Coke – red ambulance

This stuff is a god send. Make sure it’s the full fat one. It is nicknamed the Red Ambulance as it can quickly hit you with what you need at the end of the race.

Baby wipes

These are essential for after to clean up all the salt off your face!


Think about the people on your commute home!


Pocket tissues are awesome. You can even take a loo roll to the start if you like

Soft clothes

Changing into some nice soft clothes after is amazing so may if you haven’t run out of space pack some


The feeling of fresh cotton after the race is a beautiful thing


To cover up the blisters!

KT Tape

This stuff is great for anything! Whether you are taping an injury or taping up your kit bag…just chuck a roll in!

So that’s it… now all you have to do is run the 26.2 miles! Don’t forget to start slow, soak up the atmosphere, smile and whatever happens you will get the same medal as everyone else so run your own race!


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