We Rocked London 2019!

Even though it hurt like hell the 2019 London Marathon was one of my favourite races!

My training for VLM19 could not have been better, I hit 20 miles in training twice with relative ease. My speed was still there during my shorter runs and everything was going to plan. I had a few missed runs like everyone with illness etc but in general I was pleased with my training.

As most of you know I have been battling Sciatica since the Great North Run but I have been managing it through training and also I pulled my left hamstring at the London Landmarks but I sought treatment for that so I thought that was under control!

As usual my brother and I travelled up to London the night before, I had the best nights sleep I have ever had before a big event and was just excited to get going. I met Matt, Billy and the rest of the guys in the Red Pen and we just chilled. Last year I was there on my own so it once again shows the power of the Fordy Runs Running Community!

The first half of the race was perfect and we were well on pace, not too fast just a nice gentle speed to get us in under 4:30. The crowds were amazing and Cutty Sark and Tower Bridge were EPIC! We got through half way and I felt ok but when I got upto Bermondsey the wheels started to come off. I had alot of pain down my right side and my legs just were not behaving. I carried on but with the experience I now have I soon realised that today was not my day and to avoid real injury I needed to slow down and walk run the finish. I have no problem with this mainly as I do not care about times, for me it is just the getting to the start line and running with my mates.

The biggest highlight of the day was the Fordy Runs Cheer Station at Canary Wharf! The guys had been there all day and set up the most PINKTASTIC awesome area for all our runners to get cuddles, high 5's, motivation everything...it was amazing! I had tears running down my face when I saw them, my two little girls and my wife and then all the other guys it is something that will stay with me forever!

I crossed the line in 4:45 which I was pleased with based on how much pain I was in. More importantly I caught up with all the Fordy Runners who smashed it! I am so proud of all of them! The boys did well, Billy for killed his PB, he looked so strong! Matt was an inspiration, after finishing Brighton just two weeks ago and then running a strong London was awesome!

As expected I have entered the ballot again! This was not about times or speed or anything else this Marathon was all about Community and once again at the London Marathon 2019 we showed how strong the Fordy Runs Running Community is!

Catch you later!


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