I have not had any time off running since November 2018! I now find myself between training plans with Chelmsford Marathon training not starting until the end of June. This big block of training appears to have taken a toll on my body. My Sciatica is still playing up with no cure insight, my left hamstring, right knee and back are all killing me so it is time for some rest and reflection. With no race booked until June 23rd (Welwyn 10k) I am taking a self-imposed break from running. I need everything to settle down and be ready for the next block which will run until November. It is really important to take some down time. I would normally do this when on summer holidays but with Chelmsford I will not be able to take my foot off the accelerator. I run for a few reasons but the main one is for my mental health, it really helps me deal with life’s stresses. I do get nervous about taking time off even though I know my fitness will not be impacted. The issue for me is that I am addicted to running so like any addict I will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms. It is not healthy to be addicted to anything so this break will also do me good mentally as well as physically. I have achieved some amazing things in this block of training and racing. The London Marathon springs to mind, but also the fun we have had at some very cool events like Vitality 10k, London Landmarks, Teens Unite Run and more. The real highlight though has to be the Fordy Runs Running Community. Seeing people who did not know each other a year ago meeting up and running together is inspiring. As you probably know by now I started the Community as I was fed up going to events on my own so I wanted to bring people together. At this weekends Southend Half Marathon 250 Fordy Runners turned up (mostly in pink) and rocked Southend! The Community spirit amongst the runners took my breath away. The engagement and support amongst its members is like nothing I have ever seen. I love every single member of the Community they all make it a very special place. I am excited to see what the second half of the year brings. I know it is going to be probably my toughest yet in terms of training and races with summer marathon training, a hilly marathon and the Ragnar relay! I plan on making some changes to my training which will hopefully make me stronger. I can’t wait to travel around later in the year with the Birmingham Half, Great North Run and MK Winter Half on my schedule. Before all of that though I am just going to enjoy the next week and a bit and put my feet up! I will be back! Fordy #DoSomethingAwesome #EverydayRunner 

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