Taper Time

Taper time! I can not believe it is October! This year has gone so fast it really is crazy. I have just under twenty days to my next marathon and I am now tapering. Training has not be great in this block, hampered by so many injuries. I have spent way too much time with physio’s and osteo’s this year but that is running and it happens to all of us. One of my highlights in 2019 and something I will never forget is the Ragnar Relay. It was a truly epic weekend full of emotion but it was such an incredible experience. Friday was so much fun, decorating the vans, getting ready, having our team dinner, it was a great day. Saturday the work began, it was a hot day but beautiful running weather as there was a lovely breeze along the coast. I smashed out my first leg, I was so pumped I just flew along! As night fell it started getting tough, I didn’t have any problem staying awake till 02:20 to run my night leg. I really enjoyed running at night it was so cool running in pitch black with just the lights of Dungeness to keep me company. Sunday was hard, extremely hard infact but we got the job done. After having no sleep I felt terrible but we had to complete the challenge. I had one of the toughest, if not the toughest legs to come. Described as brutal it was always going to hard. What makes the final leg hard is the mental fatigue, I was smashed and just couldn’t mentally function. None of us had fuelled correctly either so my tank was pretty empty. The start was stunning, running along the white cliffs, it was beautiful. As I got into Brighton it just got harder and harder, all I was thinking about was seeing my team mates. We crossed the line and I burst out crying, the fact that people had been sponsoring us and we had raised such a decent amount of money just got me. I will never forget this experience and be ever thankful to Matt Deller for signing me up to this! The diagnosis from the Doctor is that I have some nerve problems in my lower back which is giving me all the problems elsewhere. I am waiting for an MRI to confirm what is exactly going and then I can get my recovery plan sorted. Until then it is full throttle into Chelmsford and beyond. I ran my 20 miler last weekend and I felt good, better than before London despite all the niggles. I have scaled back the volume of running because of injury and despite this I still feel good. I will be running Chelmsford with Billy and we will be running this purely as a training run. We always said that an Autumn Marathon for us was about maintaining our focus on training through the Summer and then arrive ready for Spring Marathon training in good shape. I personally want to keep doing more marathons as it is a distance I struggle at mentally and I need to overcome this. I still have not got my fuelling and pace strategy sorted to optimise my performance on race day, so I will keep doing marathons until I nail it! The Fordy Runs Running Club has been a runway success, we crashed England Athletics system with so many sign ups! I love seeing so many Fordy Runs running tops at events now it is awesome! The Running Community also keeps growing which makes me so happy seeing all the love and support for each other. The London Ballot is coming up and I am expecting not to get a place. Our Club will have around 4 places which will be allocated out within the Club. I am hoping to get a Charity spot for it and will try and run Manchester and London back to back. For the rest of the year we have some crazy things lined up, including running the MK Half dressed as Anna from Frozen! Wish me luck in Chelmsford and hopefully I will see some of you over the next few months. #DoSomethingAwesome FORDY 

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