Winter Training has Begun!

On reflection I have decided that I prefer Summer Marathon training. That may seem like a stupid thing to say because it is hotter and harder but I really felt I performed better after this years Summer block of training than vs my Winter training block. The good thing is after a semi successful Summer of training I arrive into Winter marathon training in pretty good shape mentally. Physically I am not where I want to be, as always I added some weight in that block of marathon training and in general I do not feel in peak physical condition. My plan for Winter training, apart from training for a marathon, is to get in better shape. Suffering with highs and lows mentally, I naturally crave sugar to suppress the lows and feeling tired. Once I start eating the sugar I then get addicted to it so it really is a vicious circle for me. Luckily I have come to terms with my issues so I try and embrace positively the highs and lows and the side effects of them. With this in mind I will try and set a more balanced diet in this block of training which I am hoping will help me achieve my goals for next year (more about those next month). As I am currently out of a marathon plan I am using the next few weeks to establish my training pattern for when marathon training officially starts. 2020 Winter training will be very different to 2019 Winter training because this time round I am having to make space in my plan for my Junior and Adult Clubs which we have started locally. Working full time and then taking these sessions in the evenings does kind of muck up my training schedule that I use. My plan is to try and get 4 to 5 runs in a week for my next block so I will have to get very inventive so I can achieve this! Winter training also throws up problems with added kit. I recently did a review on the best chest light and we have a new video coming out on the best headlamp. I went up the loft this weekend and got down all my winter gear which included leggings, gloves, hats and more! As you know I commute run so trying to get this in a bag to take to work can be a nightmare! It is worth it though because commute running is such an awesome way to bag miles, I can’t recommend it enough! With regards to miles, I was working out how I am going to hit my 1000 miles target this year. I think I should hit it based on running 28k a week from now until the end of the year. In the next few weeks I should be back upto 20-25k on a long run so I will hopefully hit my target. I only have a few events now until the end of the year. This year has been awesome in terms of the events I have taken part in. I have been really lucky with many media invites or passes provided to me so I can attend some new and very cool events. I am really looking forward to the Fulham 10k and Run Silverstone events coming up as they are new for me. At the Fulham 10k we also have a large FORDY RUNS Volunteer team which will be awesome. There is also the matter of the MK Half which I will be running in fancy dress in December! Next year’s schedule is already taking shape. I am trying to get around the Country where I can to meet as many of the FORDY RUNS Running Community as I can. If you have entered your first marathon next Spring, maybe London or Brighton then like me use the next few weeks to build the foundations for a strong Winter training block, the work you do now will really benefit you! Chat soon, FORDY 

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