2020 Cancelled? Not for me ....

It has been a strange month and a bit!

After catching COVID-19 (although still not been tested) I was really sick and struggled for around three and a half weeks. It was really hard, the worst I have ever felt. It was scary, as a fit and what I believe healthy middle aged man to feel so bad we were very concerned. I slowly got through it and over the past few weeks I have been building back my health and fitness.

My focus has been on building my base line fitness, I dusted off an old plan which I call my Ticking Over Plan. This plan I have used many times when between marathon training blocks or on holiday. It is a great 6 week plan that just works on building up distance and speed. With the restrictions in place on our daily exercise I have cut back on distance but the overall structure and ethos of the plan remains.

I am now coming to the end of my Ticking Over plan and I am starting to feel my old self again! I am getting very excited about my new marathon training block which will start in mid May. I will be training for the Edinburgh and London Marathons. I deferred Manchester because I was struggling to fit everything in after all major events got pushed back to the end of the year. I picked Edinburgh firstly because it is a flat and fast track so Billy and I will be aiming for a sub 4 but also if the worse happens and it is put back then May next year fits in well.

With regards to events actually going ahead I am not focussing on whether they will or will not! Do not waste focus on what you can not control ... focus on what you can ... this is my motto! Going through a training block and learning from it will make you so much stronger and more confident no matter when your race comes. If the worse happens and the races are cancelled I will go out and run my race distance as a training run as the more I run 26.2 miles the better I will get at it! I am unbelievably positive and I think you should be, do not focus on the future focus on the here and now!

I have been blown away by the support and spirit of the members of our online running community, it has been incredible to be apart it! The guys have been doing daily challenges, weekly quiz's and virtual pubs and much much more! They have also been raising money for charities and good causes through Virtual Medal Challenges. I can't wait for the lockdown to be over and everyone can meet up and get together it will be incredible! Hopefully we can get a little event together just for people to come and run together.

The next few weeks will be interesting to see how we come out of lockdown but the challenges will remain. Personally I just want to get the Junior Running Programme up and running again to get the kids back and getting fit and healthy through running. Once we get the all clear from England Athletics and we will be back! I have really missed coaching and helping others and fingers crossed I can get back as soon as possible!

We are nearly through this and like I always say we will be stronger for it. Keeping smiling, stay safe and do something awesome!


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