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ASICS Glideride 3 Review

Best Marathon Training Shoe?

ASICS have saved the Glideride with it’s third version. The second instalment was way too firm for many and lacked the appeal of the first edition. With the introduction of FF Blast+ in the shoe, it has softened up and once again become my go to long run running shoe.

Stats & Features

· £155

· 6mm drop

· FF Blast+ and Flytefoam Midsole

· Mesh Upper

· Weight 280g (US Men 9)

· Fits TTS


Upper feels great and once again ASICS deliver. I have had no issues with my feet getting hot and, on the flipside, when wet they seem to dry pretty quick and not soak up too much water. It’s a great fit in the toe box with plenty of room. I put mine on and went for 20 miles with no issues straight out of the box which says it all.


Flytefoam on its own is way too firm and so unresponsive. On the other end of the scale the FF Blast+ is a fun compound that gives you much back when running in it. What is nice here is the blend they have achieved. I would not want FF Blast+ for 20 easy miles, I much prefer the platform of the two foams working together with the very rockered sole helping me eat up the miles.


The outsole remains pretty much the same as on version 2 which Toby’s shoes have done 400 miles and look like new! They really are built to last and perform very well in all conditions. The only negative are stones getting caught underneath.


£155 is ok, I can live with it… why? I would buy this shoe to train for a marathon and when training for a marathon I am happy to invest in a decent pair of shoes, which these are. You can crush all your mileage in it and then even wear them on race day. I remember wearing V1 around the Chelmsford Marathon and they did just fine!

Does it make you feel awesome?

I would say yes on those longer miles. The Glideride 3 really makes those longer efforts fly by. With the guidesole technology supposedly reducing ankle movement it just all feels effortless vs some of the other shoes in this sector.

Yah or Nah?

It is a Yah from me as this is the best marathon training shoe you can buy this year. It eats miles for fun and does it effortlessly. You can do the full distance in the shoe, and it will take it on the chin. I like that you can also pick this shoe up already on a discount. There really is no reason not to buy this shoe if you are running the London Marathon or training for another marathon.

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*This review is my own opinion and a totally independent and unbiased review based on my own findings. The products may have been supplied/gifted, purchased or loaned but whatever way they have found themselves to FORDY RUNS HQ we can guarantee the review is honest and our own opinion.


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