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ASICS Novablast 3 Review

Best daily trainer 2022?

The Asics Novablast 3 is one of the best running shoes you can buy currently. There is one big problem with the shoe which we will come onto in this review but ultimately the improvements around the stability of the shoe have made it more accessible to a wider audience. Check HERE for the latest offers on this shoe!

Stats & Features

· £135

· 8mm drop

· FF Blast+ Midsole

· AHAR Outsole

· Jacquard Mesh Upper

· Weight 253g (US Men 9)

· Fits TTS


The jacquard mesh is a pleasure to run in. Nice and breathable with the right amount of stretch and wrap to my foot. Asics do make some of the best uppers! There is plenty of room in toe box and I have had no issues with rubbing or blisters. When wet the shoe dries pretty quick and the upper does not seem to soak up a lot of water which is good news! Overall this upper is one of the best on a daily trainer this year.


The FF Blast+ is a dream in version 3! It seems less compressive and just more bouncy! Gone has that mushy unstable feeling of the first version. I love how they build the side walls up a fraction and added some rigidity in the heel to give us mild pronators a chance to run in the shoe without getting some serious side effects. The foam feels great at easy pace all the way through to death pace!


This is where the good news ends! Without doubt the worst part of Novablast 3 and a major let down. The AHAR rubber is pathetic in slight wet conditions and on wet leaves is just dangerous! It is a real shame that they dropped on the ball on the outsole, if they hadn’t this would be the best running shoe of the year!


£135 is inline with other daily trainers and I have already seen the shoe discounted so I have no probs with this price point.

Does it make you feel awesome?

Simple answer yes! Why? The Asics Novablast 3 just does everything real well. Despite the near death experience on wet leaves the shoe if run in dry conditions or on nice tarmac is a dream. Great at all paces and distances the shoe really does offer one of the best daily trainer packages on the market.

Yah or Nah?

It is a Yah from me but with a warning. You may want to consider the TR version for the winter months as the outsole on that is MUCH better. Overall the shoe is a cracker and I am glad they solved some of the stability issues of earlier models.

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*This review is my own opinion and a totally independent and unbiased review based on my own findings. The products may have been supplied/gifted, purchased or loaned but whatever way they have found themselves to FORDY RUNS HQ we can guarantee the review is honest and our own opinion.


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