Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Review by Mark Craig

Tech: Drop - 12mm, DNA midsole, Guiderails, DNA Loft

Cost: £87 to £120

The Adrenaline series have been out for a while - Brooks are now on model now number 20, but the 19’s were good for me so I thought I would write about them.

I have had three pairs and averaged 450 miles per pair and I got the last ones on Amazon for a bargain £87, having bought my first pair for £120 following a gait analysis that showed I needed stability shoes.

I liked the softness yet responsiveness of the mid-sole.  The guide rails, a new feature of the 19s, are good at keeping my ankles stable - which is the point - and felt awesome out of the box.

The Brooks website claims the new technology reduces knee pain. I’m not sure about that as even when using Energerator soles my knees still hurt during marathon training. Mind you I think that happens in all shoes.

The photos attached are my last pair which have done more than 500 and that doesn’t include the walking I did in them over lockdown, but they are now retired. 

The laces are laced as i have a wide forefoot (Brooks normal ones) and the wear pattern on the sole shows i have a midfoot/forefoot running style. 

These are now my go-to shoes for marathon training and will probably buy the new iteration for the next marathon season.

If the price drops to £87 like my last pair then this will be a no brainer. I use these for everything from Parkruns to intervals and long runs. They are simply awesome. 

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