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New Balance Fresh FoamX More v4 Review

Best Max Cushioned Running Shoe?

I have never owned or ran in a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam X More running shoes. It was only last years model which got some positive reviews that made me stand up and take notice. This new version has got some increased stack and has been widened but is it any good as a max stack shoe for those easy days?

Stats & Features

  • £140

  • 39mm stack in heel / 35mm stack up front

  • 5mm more platform width vs V3

  • Engineered mesh upper

  • Blown rubber outsole

  • 335g in my UK 10

  • Sizing weird see below!


New mesh upper on the wider FFM4 which is comfortable and breathable. Sizing is a weird one as this UK 10 (I am usually a UK9.5 in running shoes) feels a tad too big but in the Fuelcell shoes from New Balance I need a UK 10 so I actually have no idea now when it comes to sizing for New Balance?! The width in the toe box is great and the rest of the shoe feels comfortable and very much like a 1080 v12 which is a good thing!


We have 2mm extra Fresh FoamX which has been softened up and the whole shoe's geometry has been switched up apparently to help transitioning. There is also the questionable quotes about 80% more displacement (cushioning) which I am not really feeling. What I can say is the shoe feels soft and mushy and noticeably high. Some of these higher stack shoes you do not notice the increased height (Shift 3 for example) but you do in the More 4.


The outsole is 'ok'. It is not as bad at the 1080 v12 in terms of getting shredded to pieces really quick but there are noticeable signs of wear already. The shoes have been good in the rain and greasy conditions which was a concern when running in something with this amount of stack.


£140 is inline with other shoes in this segment. What is weird is that New Balance shoes tend not to get put into sale much, this could be one of the reasons why some retailers don't stock them. Personally I wouldn't waste your £140 on a shoe that can really only be good for one or two things which I will get onto next!

Does it make you feel awesome?

It did not make me feel awesome! When I started out the shoe I was loving the cush and the step in feel. The more I ran in it though I started getting those twinges on the medial side of my lower leg. I also started to feel when I was putting on the shoe I was flexing outwards.

Yah or Nah?

Nah not at all! I think I have gone to far with this shoe. I loved the 1080 v12 and on paper this should have be an awesome addition to my rotation. It is a shoe for limited use, you can only run easy in this shoe really. I was looking for a nice soft cruiser for those easy days when I am all beaten up and looking for some love. What I got was some time on the injury bench if I was not careful! If you have any hint of pronation I would stay away from this shoe, it is just a step too far! I will stick with my Saucony Endorphin Shift 3 until I can find another easy day shoe that just makes my feet fell loved and looked after.

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*This review is my own opinion and a totally independent and unbiased review based on my own findings. The products may have been supplied/gifted, purchased or loaned but whatever way they have found themselves to FORDY RUNS HQ we can guarantee the review is honest and our own opinion.


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