• The 1 mile race takes place on a flat tarmacked route within Paradise Wildlife Park

  • The 5k and 10k race is run on a multi-terrain route

  • Leading upto and including Broxbourne Woods participants must be aware that the route is open to the public and the runners will be sharing the paths with cyclists and pedestrians and more

  • The course will be inspected for hazards prior to the race but runners are asked to exercise the usual caution when running

  • All competitors are advised to ensure they are fit to take part, to wear appropriate running footwear and to ensure they are sufficiently hydrated. Before attempting to race, runners are asked to make sure you are 100% fit to do so. If unsure whether or not fit enough to take part in a race, please seek qualified medical advice

  • We ask runners who believe they are not fit enough to race, please think about the possible serious effects of doing so

  • Runners who feel unwell at any time during the race, should stop running immediately and summon assistance

  • All runners are advised to ensure they have warmed up prior to the race to prevent injury

  • A polite reminder that the wearing of headphones, or similar devices, is not permitted at this event given that it is run under UK Athletics Rules of Competition (RULE 240 S5)



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