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FORDY RUNS Striders are our exciting and awesome walking groups! Unlike other walking groups we have a goal of getting you fitter and more active using our weekly walking training plans!

Walking is the best exercise for seniors; it is an effective way to reduce the risk for chronic conditions and improve your overall health. It is recommended by many that exercise for seniors over the age of 65 is 30 minutes per day, five days a week.

Starting you off slowly we will help build a base layer of fitness which will enable you to get fitter and enjoy your walks as they increase in length.  Our walking plans are tailored to keep you busy and motivated when not coming along to our weekly sessions. We want you out there using walking to keep fit and healthy all year round! 

FORDY RUNS ethos is ultra-inclusivity so everyone is welcome to come along and start on their walking journey no matter how fit you are!

Lastly but more importantly is our passion for social engagement that our walking groups create. Come along and meet new people, enjoy a chat as you walk along and why not meet up at other times in the week and get out and walk together!


Each of our programmes are 8 week 'Training Blocks' which means that we will provide you with a Walking Training Plan for the next 8 weeks.


The first plan will start you off slowly and build up the time, distance and intensity that you are walking. You may feel that you can already walk for miles but we want to build you up slowly and get that fantastic base layer which can then move you up to our next level plan.

We host a weekly guided walk where everyone comes together and we set off with a goal! This walk is also about coming together once a week to meet your fellow Strollers and form new friendships! 

There are many walking groups where you just meet up and walk but we want you to have a purpose and goals to keep you motivated to get out and walk and become fitter and healthier! 

FORDY RUNS Striders Groups

  • Pay as you go £4.00 per session

  • Buy 8 Week Plan £28

Broxbourne - Thursday - 09.30am

Cheshunt - Coming Soon!

Hertford - Coming Soon!

Southend - Coming Soon!



If you would be interested in starting a FORDY RUNS Striders near you please get intouch via the CONTACT PAGE