The Pink Runner is the symbol for the Everyday Runner! Whether you are the the solo runner working hard towards your goals ... a casual runner trying to shed a few pounds ... the runner who is running for your mental health ... no matter how fast or slow you run, the Pink Runner symbolises all of you!


Going out and being awesome is hard work but through running and belonging to a Community of runners who share the same goals is powerful and that is why FORDY RUNS is proud to bring you the Pink Runner!


Our Pink Runner Collection will benefit our Junior Running Programme with a percentage of the profit per item going towards helping our mission of getting children fit and healthy through running! The money raised will be used to pay towards facility hire, equipment and more! For more information on our FORDY RUNS Juniors click HERE


Wear the Pink Runner with pride and show other runners what it means to be a Pink Runner! #DoSomethingAwesome #ThePinkRunner

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