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We are excited to be able to offer our Runners the opportunity to connect Virtually if they are unable to get along to one of our many Satellite Groups. We pride ourselves on inclusivity and understand that life is busy and some people do not have the time to get along to a Club night or may feel uncomfortable in a group of Runners. This is why we have created our Virtual Satellite group. 

Every Wednesday at 7pm no matter where you are in the world you can go out and run along with all the other members of our Virtual Club! We have four runs set up which you can chose from each week which are designed for all ability of runner. All the details are within the group. The only criteria to joining our Virtual Running Group is that you are either a Social (free) or Affiliated Member of FORDY RUNS Running Club. After each session there is an optional online call which you can participate in to chat about your run or anything else!

For more information on the Virtual Running Club please email us or to join simply complete the online form below.


Thanks for applying we will contact you with Club details and sign up info

*Runners who take part in our Virtual Running Club runs do so at their own risk and FORDY RUNS and FORDY RUNS Running Club take no responsibility for accidents, incidents, damage or anything resulting from taking part.

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