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My name is Chris Ford aka FORDY

I started running after getting out of shape after the birth of my daughters. My brother in law said to me the best way to shed the pounds was too lace up and hit the road. At the time I was weighing in at nearly 15 stone (95kg/210 pounds) so I needed to take action! Having young kids and working full time I was finding it hard to fit in some time to do any form of exercise. So I went online shipped in a pair of running shoes and started pounding the pavement!

Within about 6 months I had lost 4 stone (55 pounds)! I didn’t ‘Diet’ I just simply changed what I was eating. I didn’t go for any of these fashionable diet plans or eat expensive natural alternatives or anything like that, I just gave myself a plan and stuck to it! I started entering running events and slowly but surely I have added the miles and completed many races.

I started the FORDY RUNS Running Community after going to several races on my own. I realised that no one knew each other and everyone was standing around anxiously waiting for the race to start, so I started a Community to bring Everyday Runners together! The power of our Community blows me away! We have raised thousands for Charity, taken on epic challenges and most importantly made long lasting friendships!

Born from the Community we created an England Athletics Affiliated Running Club which is largest Club in the Country! Giving everyone the opportunity of making the most of the benefits of being affiliated but not having to go along to a traditional running club! 

I am a UKA qualified Athletics Coach and Running Coach and I pride myself on coaching simple methods that Everyday Runners can use to achieve their goals! 


In 2017 I launched my YouTube channel to try and offer a view from an Everyday Runner on training for marathon's, half marathon's, 10k's or even a Parkruns! Since my first video I have branched out and produced other content on many aspects of running including filming races, shoe reviews, kit reviews, training Vlog's and much more!

I am not a fast runner and pride myself on being an Everyday Runner! I am just like you running to stay fit and to help my mental health. I am lucky enough to have completed multiple marathons, half marathons and many more races! I train hard and I am constantly trying to improve but most importantly I just want to have fun and enjoy my running!

Running changed my life and it can change yours too! The sole purpose of this site is to inspire you to run and try and help you along the way as you get into this fantastic and rewarding sport. The great thing about running which I found is that anyone can do it on the lowest budget possible and by far it is the best and easiest way to get into and stay in shape. I hope I can prove to you that anyone can do it; it’s just a matter of having faith in yourself and your ability. Have a look around the site and you can always get intouch via the Contact page!


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