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Welcome to FORDY RUNS Running Club! We are proud to be the largest most inclusive running club in the UK. We are partnered with Brooks and we are united in the belief that a run can change a day, a life, even the world as we strive to dedicate to making the run inclusive and available to all, no matter where you are on your running journey. Together we’ll help make every run better than the last and celebrate the joy of the run across the UK! 

Our only focus as a Club is to bring runners of all abilities together and have no barrier to entry which would stop them feeling part of our Club.  FORDY RUNS Running Club ethos is inclusivity which is why everyone is welcome no matter where you are on your running journey!

FORDY RUNS Running Club is FREE to join. Here are some of the benefits of being a member of FORDY RUNS Running Club:

  • Social Membership

  • Volunteering opportunities at major events

  • Facebook Community

  • Strava group

  • Access to all Satellite groups

  • Shakeout runs

  • Organised events

  • Brooks events ie Shoe try ons and more

  • Membership to Global Run Crew

  • Membership to Global Trail Crew

  • Discounts with brand partners

  • Regular store discounts

  • Free shipping on merch over £75

  • Weekly virtual runs

  • Competitions

  • Race discounts

  • Optional affiliation with England Athletics (paid)

  • Club newsletter

  • and more....

Use our awesome menu to navigate your way through everything you need to be part of FORDY RUNS Running Club! If you are unable to find what you are after or you simply want some more information drop us an email

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