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FR19 SERVICES is the owner and operator of FORDY RUNS, FORDY RUNS Running Club, FORDY RUNS Juniors, FORDY RUNS Running Community, FORDY RUNS Striders, FORDY DANCE, The Long Run (livestream and podcast) FORDY RUNS Youtube Channel, Treadmill Running Videos. Runners Bling. Unauthorised use of these trademarks, brands, names will result in legal action. FORDY RUNS, EVERYDAY RUNNER, THE PINK RUNNER and #DoSomethingAwesome are registered Trademarks and any use without prior consent may result in legal action. FORDY RUNS RUNNING CLUB is the England Athletics affiliated running club of FORDY RUNS. Any copying of our website, brand or use of name will result in legal action. Anyone found using FORDY RUNS to benefit themselves to financial gain without written authorisation from FR19 Services will be subject too legal action and by unauthorised use of FORDY RUNS (or any of the sub brands listed above) you accept that you will be subject to legal action to claim back losses and damages.



As an England Athletics Running Club FORDY RUNS adheres and complies to all EA safeguarding policies. Our Club welfare officer can be contacted via our Contact us page. FORDY RUNS Running Club commits to the England Athletics safeguarding policies in their entirety:

Safeguarding children policy

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Any questions or for more information please email:


FR19 Services has in place for our Children's Clubs a safeguarding policy which can be found here

Any questions please use our CONTACT US page found on our website.


Customer Privacy & GDPR Requests - FR19 Services uses WIX.COM as their website hosting platform. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy regulation to protect all EU citizens’ data. It gives you, among other requirements, the right to receive or delete all your personal data. Please see our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. If you wish to submit a request to get a copy of your data or permanently delete your data please email

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