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FORDY RUNS Running Club is always looking to connect runners on a local level!

We operate multiple local groups across the UK and we are proud how we bring everyday runners together weekly up and down the country.

FORDY RUNS Running Club is looking to expand our local groups. If you would be interested in starting one of our satellite groups please complete the form.

As a club we will support you all the way. We will connect you with runners from within our online community and help you build out on a local level.

The club also offers the opportunity to help and support any training needs.

You do not need to be qualified to start out on this journey, we can help you get started and then guide you along your way.

If you are an existing group that is not affiliated we can also help by bringing you into the FORDY RUNS Running Club family. Simply complete the form and we will be in touch.

Start a group

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