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Welcome to FORDY RUNS Global Run Club!


Join us every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and be apart of our Community run! No matter where you are or who you are, everyone is welcome!

FORDY RUNS is worldwide and we want to give all runners the unique opportunity to be apart of our community no matter where you are in the world!


GRC is perfect for any solo runners out there, maybe you don't have time to get along to your local FORDY RUNS Running Club or even on holiday or a work trip?! You can still be apart of our amazing community and have that connection through our weekly global runs!

We are very lucky to have so many local Satellite Clubs across the UK, but we know we have runners who can't access one of these or literally are on the other side of the world and there is not yet a FORDY RUNS Running Club near them! That is why our Global Run Club is here to connect all our runners across the World every week through our Global Runs! 

Wherever you are in the world on Monday and Wednesday we want you to get out and run at 7pm your time!


Once you sign up below you will receive and automated email inviting you to join our Facebook group and  Strava Club. Please check your spam once you have completed the form.


The only criteria to joining our Global Run Club is that you are either a Social (free) or Affiliated Member of FORDY RUNS Running Club For more information on the Global Run Club please email us or to join simply complete the online form below.


Each week there are four different runs to choose from which all abilities can complete.


Get out there, get it done and post your run in the group!

Join us! #weruntheworld🌍


Thanks for applying we will contact you with Club details and sign up info

*Runners who take part in our Virtual Running Club runs do so at their own risk and FORDY RUNS and FORDY RUNS Running Club take no responsibility for accidents, incidents, damage or anything resulting from taking part.

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