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Having a coach can help you with nearly every aspect of your running, giving you guidance and structure in your training, ensuring everything you do is progressive and most importantly has a purpose! As a registered UK Athletics Athletics & Running Coach I can help you!


Everyone has different goals and my simple effective approach to coaching will get you to 5k or smash that Marathon you signed up for! Catering for all abilities and helping you get faster, fitter and improve as a runner we will work together to achieve everything you want and more!


I have tried to provide affordable and practical coaching options for everyone to chose from. From off the shelf training plans, physical one/ones to online coaching! Between us we should find a way to help you on your journey! 


What we offer


From just £8.99 a week you can have 1-1 Coaching to help you achieve your goals! Simple and effective Coaching with a qualified UK Athletics Running and Athletics Coach


'I loved to the simple and easy to follow training plan  Fordy gave me. It was fantastic to have him on call to help when I was struggling. Thank you Fordy!'


'I was struggling with pacing but Fordy broke it down made it simple and I then began to nail it! I can't recommend Fordy enough'


'It was those little simple things that I never thought of which would make a difference, Fordy talked me through them and it all clicked!'


'After 6 weeks of training I smashed a 5k run! Never been a runner and never thought I'd do it but I did!'


'Chris Ford is great and so too is the team!'


'Chris has made such a difference to my running, I have the confidence to go and achieve everything I want!'


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