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We are more than a Facebook Running Group!


Come and JOIN our Community where you will find runners of all abilities sharing their experiences and achievements, offering support and help, making friendships, meeting up at events and races and most importantly having some fun!


Don't be on your own when you are at race and events join us and be apart of something awesome where everyone just enjoys Running!



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Volunteer Information

One of the amazing parts of being in the FORDY RUNS Running Community and Club is the opportunity to volunteer at the big races. Maybe you are unable to run because sadly you are on the injury bench or maybe you just want to give back? Through our volunteer network we provide awesome teams to many events around the Country. If you would like to put your name down please complete the form below and the team will be in touch! To volunteer you have to be an Affiliated or SOCIAL (free to join) member of FORDY RUNS Running Club. If you are not a member please click HERE

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