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FORDY RUNS Running Club was formed to offer everyday runners a running club that was truly inclusive, with no barrier to entry.

As part of our commitment to providing our runners with the correct environment to thrive, we set up our committee when we formed. The roles were selected from the criteria provided to us by England Athletics, and we feel these roles will provide our runners the framework in which our club can operate optimally. 

Each member of the committee agrees to take on the responsibilities of that role and do them to the best of their abilities.

FRRC Committee


The chairperson is our the most senior official role in a club and fulfils a range of duties dealing with overall management of club affairs.  The chairperson leads the club to achieve their vision, short term and long-term goals. 

Club Secretary
Manages and oversees the Club administration and membership of new and existing members working closely with England Athletics


Responsible for the correct reporting and actioning of club funds. To report annually on club monies and support all activities once agreed by the committee with allocation of funds. 

Team Manager

Support all local and virtual groups. Look to build new groups and support existing. Point of contact for all groups.

Volunteer Coordinator
Manages the club's various volunteer activities. Works with events and races to help provide volunteers from our club.

Welfare & Mental Health Officer

Dedicated person(s) with the primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about adults at risk. The role also promotes a Mental Health Champion who's role is to support people to access the mental wellbeing benefits of running, remove stigma and get people talking about mental health.

Fundraising and Events Officer

Plan and organise fundraising and social events.

Head Coach

Leads all training of leaders and coaches. Assists all leaders and coaches with sessions and developing the clubs run leader programme.

DBS Verifier
The DBS Verifier is responsible for verifying the identity of all DBS applicants.  The role of the DBS is to support safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working/volunteering with vulnerable groups, including children.  The DBS Verifier is appointed by the club committee and be registered with England Athletics by the Club Secretary.

Membership Assistant
To assist the Club Secretary with all aspects of membership for the club.


Social Media & Marketing Officer
Managing, monitoring and overseeing social media platforms and information together with promoting the spirit and ethos of the Club

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