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At FORDY RUNS we are not about times or competition, we are about fun and enjoying our running! As one of the largest England Athletics Affiliated Running Club in the Country you can get all the benefits of being affiliated like cheaper race entries but without having to go to a weekly track session! 

If you do not want to be affiliated we also offer a FREE membership as well!

Our mission is to make running as inclusive as possible and at FORDY RUNS everyone is welcome!


Grab some of our famous FORDY RUNS race day and training kits!

We love to hear from all our runners how they spot other #FORDYRUNNERS at races and events in their FORDY RUNS kit!

Check out our complete range including tech tops, hoodies, hats, casual clothing and much more!

Join our newsletter to get discount codes and notifications of our flash sale events!

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Tailored Coaching from UK Athletics qualified Athletics and Running Coaches.

We offer bespoke 1-1 Coaching and personalised training plans. There are also on offer clinics where we can solve those issues that have been holding you back!

Our Coaching is simple and effective. With a low cost entry point we offer services that cater for everyone and also coaching that is suitable for all abilities.


From Race Day Vlogs to the latest Running Shoe Reviews, our YouTube Channel is there for the Everyday Runner!

Unbiased, honest reviews with a touch of humour we focus on what it is like as an Everyday Runner!

With crazy challenges and weekly training updates we make the YouTube Channel a place that Everyday Runners can go and get all the running content they need!

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Our online Communities of Runners offer friendships, support and a sense of belonging!

Through Facebook, YouTube and our other online Communities, Runners of all abilities are coming together to share their journey's.

It is free to join and there are no barriers to entry if you are a runner who is looking for other runners who share the same outlook on life!


The Biggest Running Podcast in the World (we may be making that up!).  Each week our expert panel made up of qualified running coaches go live and talk about the latest running topics that everyday runners are facing! Whether it be training for their first marathon, getting off the couch to get to 5k or how running can help your mental health! Recorded live each week with viewer questions and interaction, the show is a light hearted but fact filled journey for the everyday runner! Everyone is welcome on THE LONG RUN! 

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