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Traditional coaching in a modern way

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Personalised coaching powered by technology

Whatever the reason you want to take on a running coach, we will provide you with experience, expertise and the technology to help you achieve your goals.

Our one to one coaching mixes the traditional coaching elements with the latest technology. You will get all your plans, races, statistics and coach feedback on your phone and running watch. Add in access to your coach with advice and continuous support as you move along your running journey, our new way of coaching will give you the results you are looking for.

With cutting edge technology sending personalised sessions to your watch with guidance on effort and pace as you run. Your statistics will update as you improve with the guidance on each run changing as you develop. Our app can store all your races and data. You can communicate with your coach directly via the chat function.

We have tailored our coaching offering to give all budgets and needs the opportunity to bring a qualified running coach on board to support and guide you to achieve your goals.


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