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Saucony Truimph 20 Review

Best Marathon Training Shoe?

Saucony have been killing it recently and the Truimph 20 has received the Saucony magic with the 20th version. This version has been on a diet and dropped some much needed weight whilst adding a bouncier feeling PWRRUN+ to the shoe. Get the latest offers on running shoes HERE

Stats & Features

• £155

• 10mm drop

• PWRRUN+ Midsole

• Mesh Upper

• Weight 275g (US Men 9)

• Fits TTS


The Truimph 20 feels more upmarket that some of it’s competitors and you do feel that with the plush step in feel and quality upper. When I first put them on they felt quite tight and my feet enclosed but after 20 miles the whole upper and comfort just came to me and they are now a super comfy place to be. Lock down is great and I have had no issues with fit.


PWRRUN+ is pretty cool! I like this compound very much. It is a nice blend of soft but not overly soft. It gives enough feedback whilst cruising along. The foam for sure feels lighter and bouncier than other versions and you defiantly have the confidence to drop it to goal pace on those longer runs. It does lack the knockout blow of the PWRRUN PB but the ride in the Saucony Truimph 20 is bang on for a premium daily trainer/long run shoe.


Plenty of rubber coverage gives this shoe a competent outsole. It has felt grippy in the wet conditions and the shoe has held up well down the canal tow paths.


£155 is getting punchy and I would not pay that. Get the shoe on a discount and then it is a good proposition. For £10 more you could get the Saucony Speed 3 which is the best running shoe money can buy. This shoe really needs to start at £135 to make it a contender.

Does it make you feel awesome?

I think it is hard for a daily/long run shoe to make you feel really awesome. At the end of the day the shoe is there to soak up miles in the most comfortable way, which it does. Yes you can tick over on some of that goal work but it is not a quick shoe.

Yah or Nah?

It is a Yah from me for the Saucony Truimph 20 as I like the comfort and outsole. If you could only buy one shoe would it be this? No it wouldn’t but if you are marathon training and need a shoe to run easy and build miles the Saucony Truimph 20 is a good shoe for exactly that.

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*This review is my own opinion and a totally independent and unbiased review based on my own findings. The products may have been supplied/gifted, purchased or loaned but whatever way they have found themselves to FORDY RUNS HQ we can guarantee the review is honest and our own opinion.


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